Meet Kickballer of the Week Jeremy H

Friday, April 4, 2014

Meet Kickballer of the Week Jeremy H

It's a new season of Kickball, which means the return of our weekly interviews! This week, meet Jeremy - an energetic vet player.

How many seasons have you played?
It's my 3rd season.

What was your favorite team cheer ever?
See You Next Tuesday....I didn't know what it meant until end of season.

What's your best advice for new players this season?
Enjoy yourself and have fun, try your best.

Sometimes Kickball gets COLD. What do you do to stay warm?
I usually wear a shirt under my shirt and bring long pants with me in case it is cold.

Describe your favorite moment in Kickball on the field.
It was summer session when I caught 2 balls in one game and also kicked the ball way out in the field to bring 2 players home.

What's an interesting fact about you?
I think I am the oldest person on the team at 42 but live like I am 30 and enjoy every moment.

Thanks Jeremy! Players, if you're interested in being featured as Kickballer of the Week, email