Meet Dodgeballer of the Week Tom S

Monday, November 11, 2013

Meet Dodgeballer of the Week Tom S

You’ve probably noticed a newbie with quite the arm. Tom has both a good throw and a cool sleeve tattoo. Here’s what he had to share about life as a rookie player.

What's your favorite thing about Big Apple Dodgeball?
The competitive nature of most players, but then in the end, even when hit in the face, you can look at your opponent and be like, "Damn, nice throw."

Whose skills do you envy on the court and why?
I envy Esther's dodging and catching abilities and Jose's command of the field.

You live in Jersey. Why do you think everyone in NYC hates on it?
There are stereotypes that make Jersey sounds horrible but if you have ever gone to Princeton, you know that it is a really nice place to live.

What is the story behind your tattoo?
It's a work in progress. It will have the notes and lyrics to "Pardon Me' by Incubus. It’s a reminder to never be static and always look towards change and growth.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Jean Grey from X-men. I would love to know what people were thinking, and then if I didn't like what I heard, just throw them across the room with my mind. That would be amazing and don't act like everyone hasn't wanted to do that at some point in time.

You’re right, Tom. But in the end, we know that like the Incubus song says, you’ll “rise above the flame.”