Meet Dodgeballer of the Week Sean S

Monday, March 24, 2014

Meet Dodgeballer of the Week Sean S

We'll forgive Canada for giving us Justin Bieber, because we also got Sean S, our Dodgeballer of the Week! Read about his favorite team date spot, plus learn why Jezebel wrote an article about him last year....

How many seasons have you played?
This spring is my second.

If you could play Dodgeball with someone famous, who would it be and why?
Hillary Clinton. She could pull off playing in heels and a pantsuit better than anyone in the league.

You're from Canada. What's the most common/ridiculous question people ask?
“Oh, you get [TV show/clothing store/food item/website/electricity] in Canada?” Also, people ask about Rob Ford a lot. I’m equally confused and don’t have any explanation.

What's your advice to newbies just learning the game?
Go to open play. After you get hit in the face a few times, you figure out how to catch better.

What's your favorite team date activity?
Bottomless brunch. It’s actually just my favorite activity in general…

What's a hidden talent or random fact we might not know about you?
Last spring, I wrote a Craigslist roommate ad for my Williamsburg apartment as though my roommate and I were characters from the show “Girls.” The ad was picked up by Jezebel and a few other sites. So basically my life’s been downhill from there, but I’m kinda okay with that.