Meet Bowler of the Week Rex O

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meet Bowler of the Week Rex O

Meet Rex O, a bearded, super-hero-loving Bowler. Find out what he gets his attention, what turns him off, and what he really thinks of Beyoncé. 

How'd you hear about Bowling?
I've played every winter season since the very first one, so... *scratching head* I don't remember, but my guess is from playing Big Apple Dodgeball.

What was your favorite movie as a kid and why?
Star Wars. You've got all these guys whipping out their... uh, lightsabers, and trying to sway each other to the Dark Side. Plus, Han Solo is Indiana Jones, with a laser gun, flying around space with his hairy companion (read: bear boyfriend) and shooting at bad guys.

Ice cream or cake? 
Ice cream cake. Best of both worlds.

How would you describe the way you bowl?
I end up falling gracefully, catching myself at the last minute so I look like Spiderman.

In my head, I look like this:

But i have a feeling i actually look like this:

What do you look for in (bowling) balls?
I like em heavy, but not too heavy.

What's the one feature you always focus on when you're attracted to a guy?
Usually it's a quick glance over for me... eyes, lips, hands--in that order.

What's your biggest pet peeve?
Glitter. I f*cking hate glitter.

What's your favorite Beyoncé song?
What's a Beyonce? Is she an X-Men villain?