BAD Spring 2016 Announcements!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

BAD Spring 2016 Announcements!

Congratulations on making it through week two!

I already noticed teams are starting to gel, and newbies are finding their rhythm. I cannot wait to see how this season unfolds. Here are some notes:

  • Thank you to all of the teams for their awesome shagging! Keep that momentum going.
  • If you did not obtain your ID, do so as soon as possible. You can retrieve it at any time. Visit the New York Parks and Recreations website to inquire on Tony D's hours. No ID, no entry.
  • Picture Day is next week (March 28)... AND the following week (April 4)! Get those group concepts together. You'll want to make a lasting impression, especially if you're gunning for the title of Best Team Photo in our Dodgie Awards (more on that in due time...)
  • Open Play is every Friday at 7:00 pm. Bring your lock and ID! (That's another time you can obtain your ID if you did not this past Monday). 
We added a new addendum to the rules section. There are many players who are confused when someone catches a ball and then steps out: does the catch count or nah? We clarified this in section seven, scenarios, item g:

"A LIVE ball caught by a player who is in the air will only be considered a CATCH if said player lands with at least one foot fully in bounds before going out of bounds"

Hopefully, that clears up any confusion.

As usual, reach out with any questions or concerns. See you on the courts or around town!