5 Tips For Having A Great Dodgeball Season

Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 Tips For Having A Great Dodgeball Season

And we're off! Dodgeball is now in full swing. As we approach mid-season, we wanna reveal to newbies (and remind vets) what makes a great season.

Listen To Your Captain

The team that throws together, wins together. Make sure you're listening to your captain's instructions so that everyone is playing with the same strategy.

Admit When You're Out

The refs can't see everything, so own up if you feel the ball hit you. Your league members will respect you for it.

Know Where All Of The Balls Are

4 Balls are a lot to keep track of, so always know where the balls are on the court. Nothing is worse than throwing the ball and realizing someone on the other team was holding the ball behind their back and now is going to peg you.

Watch The Lines

Whether it's the front/side/back line, make sure you always stay in bounds. It's best to make sure no part of your foot crosses it.

Go To The After-Parties

Don't get lazy as the season continues. Post-play is the best way to get to know people. And isn't that half (or all) the reason you joined?