5 Best Team Date Spots

Monday, October 28, 2013

5 Best Team Date Spots

You've probably been noticing certain teams posting Facebook pictures of their fun outings. They're drinking, they're laughing, and you're getting serious FOMO. Maybe your team just hasn't gotten it together this season...yet.

Big Apple Rec Sports would like to give you some team dating advice. (You're on your own for the one-on-one option.) Here are some of the best ideas of what to do for a fun night with an opposing team.

It's loud. It's sloppy. It's fun. You'll feel right at home, if you love the after-parties! Try Gagopa Karaoke or Duet 53 for the best options for big groups.

A classic option. Teams tend to like BonChon, Cowgirl or Boka.

Word to the wise - book somewhere that offers unlimited booze, or you'll have some angry teammates on your hands. We've heard good things about Intermezzo and The Guilty Goose.

Laser Tag
It's the perfect option to take out all that aggression on the team that's currently beating you in the rankings. Plus, a dimly lit room never hurts when it comes to flirting with that teammate you've been wanting to ask out. Laser tag is available at Indoor Extreme Sports for a good price.

Your Place
Why go out when you can stay in and throw a Game Night? Some of the best team dates come from a few board games and many bottles of wine and beer.