Schedule Archive

Year: 2013

Season: Summer

Week 1 – 7/22

Time Court Playing Shagging
7:30 Front Kim and the Holograms vs Mrs. Garrett’s Girls  
7:30 Back Sailor Scouts vs Barden Fellas  
7:45 Front Fresh Meat vs Dodging Divas  
7:45 Back Barden Fellas vs Kim and the Holograms  
8:00 Front Mrs. Garrett’s Girls vs The Free Agents  
8:00 Back Dodging Divas vs Sailor Scouts  
8:15 Front Sailor Scouts vs The Free Agents  
8:15 Back Fresh Meat vs Mrs. Garrett’s Girls  
8:30 Front Dodging Divas vs Barden Fellas  
8:30 Back Mrs. Garrett’s Girls vs Sailor Scouts  
8:45 Front Barden Fellas vs Fresh Meat  
8:45 Back The Free Agents vs Kim and the Holograms  
9:00 Front Fresh Meat vs Kim and the Holograms  
9:00 Back Dodging Divas vs The Free Agents  

Post Play: Barrow’s Pub