Schedule Archive

Year: 2014

Season: Winter

Note: Tournament Start time is 6:55 PM with general announcements and the start of the first match. To ensure completion of the tournament, game times will be reduced to four minutes until the semi-final rounds* and a third game will not be played unless necessary to determine the victor of the match.

Post-Play: Henrietta Hudson - $4 drafts, $5 vodka drinks & FREE pizza!

*If play is running behind schedule, all remaining games will be shortened to four minutes.

Week 3 – 2/10

Time Court Playing
7:00 Front No Name vs Brooklyn Dodgers
7:15 Front Bitch Pudding vs FTB
7:15 Back It's a Small World vs Pretty Hurts
7:30 Front NEWBIÉ vs Pretty Hurts
7:30 Back It's a Small World vs Freezer Burn
7:45 Front  No Name vs Olivia Popes
7:45 Back FTB vs D.I.L.F
8:00 Front Jonce vs Olivia Popes
8:00 Back NEWBIÉ vs No Name
8:15 Front NEWBIÉ vs Crunch Time
8:15 Back Jonce vs Brooklyn Dodgers
8:30 Front It's a Small World vs Crunch Time
8:30 Back Olivia Popes vs Pretty Hurts
8:45 Front FTB vs Brooklyn Dodgers
8:45 Back Freezer Burn vs Bitch Pudding
9:00 Front Freezer Burn vs Crunch Time
9:00 Back Jonce vs D.I.L.F
9:15 Front Bitch Pudding vs D.I.L.F.

Post Play: Barrow's Pub

Specials: TBA

Week 2 – 2/3

Time Court Playing
7:00 Front Brooklyn Dodgers vs Crunch Time
7:15 Front Pretty Hurts vs D.I.L.F
7:15 Back It's a Small World vs Bitch Pudding
7:30 Front No Name vs Jonce
7:30 Back NEWBIÉ vs Freezer Burn
7:45 Front Olivia Popes vs It's a Small World
7:45 Back No Name vs FTB
8:00 Front NEWBIÉ vs It's a Small World
8:00 Back Pretty Hurts vs Brooklyn Dodgers
8:15 Front Crunch Time vs D.I.L.F
8:15 Back Jonce vs FTB
8:30 Front Olivia Popes vs Crunch Time
8:30 Back Brooklyn Dodgers vs Freezer Burn
8:45 Front Bitch Pudding vs Jonce
8:45 Back Olivia Popes vs Freezer Burn
9:00 Front Pretty Hurts vs FTB
9:00 Back No Name vs D.I.L.F
9:15 Front NEWBIÉ vs Bitch Pudding

Post Play: Barrow's Pub

Specials: TBA

Week 1 – 1/27

Time Court Playing
7:00 Front Crunch Time vs Jonce
7:15 Front Brooklyn Dodgers vs NEWBIÉ
7:15 Back D.I.L.F. vs It's a Small World
7:30 Front Olivia Popes vs NEWBIÉ
7:30 Back Crunch Time vs No Name
7:45 Front DILF vs Freezer Burn
7:45 Back Pretty Hurts vs Jonce
8:00 Front FTB vs It's a Small World
8:00 Back Bitch Pudding vs Pretty Hurts
8:15 Front Freezer Burn vs Jonce
8:15 Back D.I.L.F. vs NEWBIÉ
8:30 Front Pretty Hurts vs No Name
8:30 Back Brooklyn Dodgers vs Olivia Popes
8:45 Front Freezer Burn vs FTB
8:45 Back Olivia Popes vs Bitch Pudding
9:00 Front Bitch Pudding vs No Name
9:00 Back Crunch Time vs FTB
9:15 Back Brooklyn Dodgers vs It's a Small World

Post Play: Henrietta Hudson

Specials: $4 Draft, $5 Vodka Drinks

Year: 2013

Season: Fall

Championship Tournament - 12/2

    3) Barracuda        
    7:15pm (B)        
    14) Gym Bar        
      8:15pm (F)      
    6) Dunwell Doughnuts      
    7:30pm (B)        
    11) Fairytail        
        8:45pm (B)    
    2) Penelope        
15) Duplex   8:00pm (B)        
7:00pm (Front)            
18) Vlada     8:30pm (F)      
    7) Hardware        
    7:45pm (B)        
    10) G Lounge        
          9:00pm (F)  
    8) Pieces        
    7:45pm (F)        
    9) Stonewall        
16) Rockbar     8:30pm (B)      
7:00pm (Back)            
17) Boy Butter   8:00pm (F)        
    1) XES        
        8:45pm (F)    
    5) Henrietta Hudson        
    7:30pm (F)        
    12) Oasis        
      8:15pm (B)      
    4) Industry        
    7:15pm (F)        
    13) VGL        

Post Play: Henrietta Hudson

Specials: Pizza; $4 Coor's Light Drafts / $5 Margaritas & Vodka Drinks

Week 10 – 11/25

Time Court Playing Shagging
7:00 Front Boy Butter vs Fairytail G Lounge
7:15 Front XES vs Rockbar Fairytail
7:15 Back Barracuda vs G Lounge Boy Butter
7:30 Front Fairytail vs Hardware Rockbar
7:30 Back Gym Bar vs Boy Butter Duplex
7:45 Front G Lounge vs Pieces Hardware
7:45 Back Duplex vs XES Henrietta Hudson
8:00 Front VGL vs Barracuda XES
8:00 Back Rockbar vs Henrietta Hudson Gym Bar
8:15 Front Oasis vs Duplex Barracuda
8:15 Back Hardware vs Gym Bar Penelope
8:30 Front Industry vs Stonewall Oasis
8:30 Back Dunwell Doughnuts vs Penelope Pieces
8:45 Front Pieces vs VGL Industry
8:45 Back Henrietta Hudson vs Vlada Dunwell Doughnuts
9:00 Front Stonewall vs Oasis Vlada
9:00 Back Penelope vs Industry VGL
9:15 Back Vlada vs Dunwell Doughnuts Stonewall

Post Play: Pieces

Specials: Happy Hour until 9:30, After 9:30: $1 off well drinks, beer, wine.  Miller and Coors Light for $4.

Week 9 – 11/18

Time Court Playing Shagging
7:00 Front VGL vs Gym Bar Rockbar
7:15 Front Industry vs Pieces Gym Bar
7:15 Back Barracuda vs Rockbar Dunwell Doughnuts
7:30 Front Gym Bar vs Dunwell Doughnuts Pieces
7:30 Back Boy Butter vs VGL Stonewall
7:45 Front Rockbar vs Penelope Barracuda
7:45 Back XES vs Industry VGL
8:00 Front Oasis vs Barracuda Boy Butter
8:00 Back Pieces vs Stonewall Industry
8:15 Front Hardware vs Boy Butter G Lounge
8:15 Back Dunwell Doughnuts vs Fairytail XES
8:30 Front G Lounge vs Oasis Duplex
8:30 Back Stonewall vs Vlada Fairytail
8:45 Front Penelope vs Duplex Oasis
8:45 Back Henrietta Hudson vs XES Hardware
9:00 Front Fairytail vs G Lounge Penelope
9:00 Back Vlada vs Hardware Henrietta Hudson
9:15 Back Duplex vs Henrietta Hudson Vlada

Post Play: Duplex

Specials: $5 Bud Light, $5 Cosmos

11/11 - Veterans Day - No Dodgeball

The Tony Dapolito Center is closed for Veterans Day. Dodgeball will resume next week.

Week 8 – 11/4

Time Court Playing Shagging
7:00 Front Dunwell Doughnuts vs G Lounge Oasis
7:15 Front Stonewall vs Henrietta Hudson G Lounge
7:15 Back Oasis vs Fairytail Boy Butter
7:30 Front Duplex vs Dunwell Doughnuts Fairytail
7:30 Back G Lounge vs Boy Butter Henrietta Hudson
7:45 Front Rockbar vs Duplex Dunwell Doughnuts
7:45 Back Penelope vs Oasis Stonewall
8:00 Front Fairytail vs Barracuda Duplex
8:00 Back Boy Butter vs Gym Bar Rockbar
8:15 Front Hardware vs Stonewall Barracuda
8:15 Back Vlada vs XES Industry
8:30 Front Barracuda vs VGL Vlada
8:30 Back Henrietta Hudson vs Industry Gym Bar
8:45 Front Gym Bar vs Pieces Penelope
8:45 Back XES vs Rockbar Hardware
9:00 Front Industry vs Penelope XES
9:00 Back VGL vs Hardware Pieces
9:15 Back Pieces vs Vlada VGL

Post Play: XES


Week 7 – 10/28

Time Court Playing Shagging
7:00 Front Vlada vs Penelope Duplex
7:15 Front Duplex vs Barracuda Vlada
7:15 Back Rockbar vs Fairytail Penelope
7:30 Front Hardware vs Vlada Fairytail
7:30 Back Penelope vs Dunwell Doughnuts Barracuda
7:45 Front Fairytail vs Boy Butter Rockbar
7:45 Back Industry vs Duplex Dunwell Doughnuts
8:00 Front Henrietta Hudson vs Rockbar Hardware
8:00 Back Barracuda vs Gym Bar Boy Butter
8:15 Front Dunwell Doughnuts vs VGL Industry
8:15 Back Oasis vs G Lounge Gym Bar
8:30 Front Pieces vs Industry Oasis
8:30 Back Boy Butter vs Stonewall G Lounge
8:45 Front XES vs Oasis Henrietta Hudson
8:45 Back G Lounge vs Hardware Pieces
9:00 Front Gym Bar vs Henrietta Hudson Stonewall
9:00 Back VGL vs Pieces XES
9:15 Back Stonewall vs XES VGL

Post Play: Gym Bar

Specials: $4 LIT, $4 Blue Moons and $3 Miller64's