Dodgeball FAQs

Below are answers to some of our frequently asked questions. Have a question that’s not answered below? Please refer to our contact page.

How do I register?

Registration for each season happens the month prior and is available online. Generally, it fills up very quickly (like, in a matter of minutes), so pay attention to the announcements (if you have not done so already, sign up for the Mailing List to stay in the know!).

When was the league established?

Fall 2007

Are there try-outs?

There are no tryouts.

How many players are there?

The league has space for 180 players. These are broken down into 18 teams, 10 people per team.

Can I enter my own team?

No. Everyone gets randomly assigned to a team (it keeps the competition and the social aspect balanced) — and it’s all part of the fun, too. But everyone plays on Monday nights, so you end up seeing and hanging with your friends anyway and winging balls at them, which is more fun.

How long is the season? When does it start/end?

Each season is approximately 11 weeks long. Ten weeks of regular season play, and one final tournament. Spring is usually March through May, and Fall is September through early December.

Which nights and what times do we play?

On Monday nights from 7-9:30pm (any variations to this would be announced in advance).

Where do we play?

Tony Dapolito Recreation Center, affectionately known as “Tony D’s,” located at 3 Clarkson Street & 7th Ave South

How much does it cost?

$140/person (subject to change)

What do you get with your membership dues?

You get a six-month membership to the New York City Parks and Recreation, a t-shirt, 11-weeks of dodgeball bliss, and drink specials every Monday night.

What are these “Open Plays” I’ve heard about?

On friday nights (and sometimes on Mondays in the off-season), lots of folks in the league get together for open plays. They are a great way to break the ice, meet people in the league, and practice your skills in a more casual environment.

Are you guys on Facebook or Twitter?

Duh! Find and like us here. It’s a great way to see upcoming events and registration info. Also, you can follow us on Twitter here.

What kind of social events are involved?

In addition to our Monday night, post-play fun outings during regular season, we also throw a Kick-off Party and an End of the Season Party (with an extra party or two thrown in somewhere).

Can my friend and/or mom come watch me play?

Yes, but you must send a request to by 3:00 PM the day of play (this is not a negotiable time — 3:01 PM is too late!). Space is limited and guest requests will be permitted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once confirmed, they will be added to the guest list and will need to check in at the front desk of the gym. Please note, guests are not allowed to participate due to membership and liability issues.