How do I register?

Check us out on Facebook or look for updates on our main page with news and information about how to register. Please email bowl@bigapplerecsports.com with questions.

If I am going to miss a week, can someone else bowl for me?

No. There are no substitutions allowed. No one who is not on your team can bowl for you (including people not in the league at all AND people from other teams).

Which team am I on?

Teams will be announced prior to the first week. Stay tuned!

When should I get to the bowling alley?

For the first week, please arrive to the lanes 30 minutes early. This will give us time to hand out T-Shirts and ensure a proper start time.

How many games will be played each week?

As many as you can play in two hours.

How do I know which lane my team is playing on?

Lane assignments will be posted at the bowling alley each week. We will be mixing it up every week to keep things fresh and fun.

How are we keeping score?

Scoring will be done as follows:

  • Each week teams will play as many games as they can in the 2 hours allowed.
  • Each player’s best score of the day is averaged together to create a team average for the week.
  • A team is required to average together at least four scores. If fewer than four players are present, a score of 100 is used for for every player less than the minimum of four.

Are there going to be after-parties?

Obv. We’ll post them with the schedule/lane assignments.

How many teams are there?

Twenty-five teams of seven people.

Can I enter a team?

No, but you can be placed on a team with one buddy. So, buddy up and register together!

How long is the season?

It’s a 6-week season.

Where do we play?

Frames (formerly Leisure Time Lanes) located at 9th Ave and 40th St.

How much does it cost?


What do I get for my regitration fee?

The fee includes two hours of bowling and shoes.

Does this guarantee me registration for dodgeball or kickball?